Dr. Martin Weighs In On Dr. Oz Controversy

Gregory M. Martin, M.D., author of Education4Knees and founder of Systems4Knees, weighs in on the Dr. Oz controversy surrounding the professor of surgery at Columbia University and TV personality. Dr. Martin served under Dr. Oz in his cardiothoracic training at Columbia University.

In this video, Dr. Martin addresses the current controversy, in which several physicians have called for Dr. Oz’s termination from his post at Columbia University.

World-leading orthopedic knee surgeon Gregory M. Martin, M.D. has dedicated his life to treating sufferers of knee pain, arthritis and other painful disorders of the hip and knee.

Systems4Knees™ is a complete, multi-modal solution for relieving knee pain, treating swollen knees reducing the need for knee surgery through a multi-modal approach consisting of education, nutrition, fitness and support.

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