After years of experience and operating on thousands of patients with various different knee pains and conditions, leading orthopedic knee surgeon, Gregory M. Martin, M.D., realized that his patients wanted more control of their knee health as well as alternatives to surgery. Forced to re-think his approach, Dr. Martin went back to the drawing board, determined to find a way to ensure maximum results for his patients.

Here's what he found

“Little by little I learned that knee health and knee surgery can be vastly affected both positively and negatively by lifestyle choices, as well as the patient’s level of involvement in the management of their condition.”

Dr. Martin,

It was at this moment, that Dr. Martin realized he would need to develop a system that promoted positive lifestyle choices and self-managed knee care. With this in mind, and with the help of a team of leading medical experts, Systems4Knees™ was born. The result? A scientifically developed system that postpones—or even eliminates–a need for surgery.  And, when surgery is the right option, a system that optimizes the recovery and results.

Today, Systems4Knees™ serves a countless number of patients who are suffering from knee pain and seeking relief–just like you.

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